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Roller Shutters

You can reduce summer heat entering through your windows by up to 90% and reduce heat loss during winter by up to 70%. Our roller shutters are designed to reduce noise by up to 50%, they also protect against broken windows from children playing outdoors.

We also manufacture roller shutters designed specifically for security and our latest edition OUR NEW FIRESAFE roller shutters comply with new Australian Standard AS3959-2009 (Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas). Tested by CSIRO (Report NO FSZ1379). All our roller shutters have a range of control options including Spring, Solar and Motorised.

SolarSmart™ Automation for Blinds and Awnings

The newest product in our external range is the environmentally sound SOLAR SMART AUTOMATION FOR BLINDS AND AWNINGS. Utilising Australia’s most advanced technology in solar powered automation SolarSmart™ requires no mains power and harnesses the sun’s energy through a solar panel positioned to capture direct sunlight near the blind or awning. This charges a concealed battery that powers the motor.

SolarSmart™ solar automation solution for blinds and awnings offers the latest in sophisticated electronics and offers a five year motor guarantee and a one year guarantee on batteries, solar panels and all electronics.

Your SolarSmart™ blinds and awnings are effortlessly operated with a stylish remote control transmitter. This makes an easy, cost effective and environmentally sound method of operating your blinds or awnings.

Auto Lock Arm Awning

Spring operated, suitable for ground floor windows with easy access.

Straight Drop Awnings

Suitable for verandahs and pergolas. Wide range of control options, Crank, Motorised or Solar powered.

Slide Track Awnings

Suitable for verandahs and pergolas, similar to straight drop awnings but with side channels to lock in fabric. Designed for high wind areas. Spring, Crank or Solar Power operation.

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